Greetings from England

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Today I have visited British Telecom facilities in Ipswich, England and I had a wonderful opportunity to interview futurist Dave Brown about anticipation of futures in BT. Dave told me BT’s ways to look at to the future and their tasks inside the company. This information is very valuable for me, because currently I am working on a book about anticipating customers’ needs. So thank you Dave for the interview and your hospitality!

While being in England I have used my extra time for spotting weak signals. Here are some images about things that I found extraordinary to me. From these images you can see, that things that are new to me are probably every-day life for Englishman.


a couple of ways to increase your mass (Tesco)


A sign in a Taxi


The original SPAM


Liquieise for sale in the health section in Tesco


Well packed suitcase, Heathrow Express