Elinas book about strategic foresight now in Amazon

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Elina’s book: Foresight and Innovation is now available in Amazon. You can buy it here.

Summary of the book:

Foresight and Innovation: How are Companies Coping with the Future? is a concise guide for readers that are interested in their personal or their organization’s future. Written by Finnish futurist Elina Hiltunen, the book introduces various ideas in relation to how organizations could be better prepared for the future. It tackles the idea that you should be humble when facing the future, but not subservient. In practice, this means that we should anticipate various futures (or scenarios) and be prepared for them, at least mentally. On the other hand we – as individuals and organizations – are in a key position to ensure a better future for us all. This is achieved by innovating and communicating the future. The book consists of numerous examples of how various organizations are coping with the future and gives the reader practical tools as to how to work with the future.