Elina Hiltunen

Futurist Elina Hiltunen is a Doctor of Science (Economics) at Aalto University, School of Business, faculty of Organizations and Leadership. Topic of her PhD. thesis was “Weak signals in Organizational Futures Learning”. She has also graduated from Helsinki University of Technology, 1996, and is a M.Sc in chemical engineering (major subject: polymer science, technical chemistry, environmental protection and IDBM). Hiltunen currently runs her own consultancy What’s Next Consulting Oy that is focused on future proof strategy consulting and weak signal hunting. She is also an active key note speaker, educator, columnist, and a writer. She is also a founder of Tiedettä Tytöille (Science for Girls)  program.

Her book about strategic foresight, Matkaopas tulevaisuuteen, was published May, 2012. The book is also available in English. It is called Foresight and Innovation: How Companies are Coping with the Future? Hiltunen’s other book (co-written with Kari Hiltunen) is about technology trends. It is called Technolife 2035- How technology is changing our future? The book is published both in Finnish (2014) and in English (2015). The newest book is about consumer trends and it was published in 2017. The book is currently available only in Finnish. Hiltunen has also written many books about crocheting and computational thinking for kids.

Besides of books, Hiltunen also writers articles as a columnist and free-lancer journalist. She has written columns for Finnish business and technology magazines like Talouselämä, Taloussanomat, Tekniikan Maailma, Blue Wings, Uudenmaan alueen Insinöörit magazine. Altogether she has published over 200 articles in various magazines, newspapers and journals. She has worked for Finnish Television, YLE in a science program PRISMA, too.

In her career Hiltunen has previously worked for example at Finland Futures Research Center, Nokia (strategy department) and Finpro as a futurist. In year 2013 she also worked as Executive in Residence in Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

Hiltunen has been rewarded for her work as a futurist by Finland Future Society, 2011.

Elina Hiltunen CV