Strategic serendipity- exercise

Strategic serendipity is a method for innovating the futures developed by Elina Hiltunen, 2012

In Strategic Serendipity method you  randomly  combine  THREE different cards (trend cards, target group cards, co-operation company cards, megatrend cards, and theme cards) and innovate new products or services for the future.

The main idea behind the exercise is: Consider which product/service you could develop for you organization for 2034 when combining three cards.


1. Choose a number of the exercise (1,2,3 or 4)

2. Throw dice for every three category of cards

3. Combine the cards and create a new product/ service for your organization for 2034

4. Make an advertisement of the product / service (for example: by drawing, making a video, playing etc.)

5. Repeat: go to step 1...

Various strategic serendipity exercises:

Let's roll the dice...

To choose a card from each group, roll the virtual dice. 


The virtual dice will ask you for the values of the numbers, e.g. minimum 1 and maximum 20, from which it will then randomly select a number when you press a button. There are 20 target group, theme and partner company cards, 18 consumer trends and 10 megatrends, so put the corresponding numbers into the Virtual Dice when you value the numbers on the cards.

Once you have  the numbers of the cards, you will see which cards you use for the exercise. Click the picture of a card to make it bigger.

Below are the cards for the Strategic Serendipity exercise

Target group, 1-20

Theme, 1-20

Co-operation company, 1-20

Consumer trends, 1-18

Megatrends, 1-10