Information for event organisers

Thank you for booking Elina to speak at your event!

On this page, you will find a few things that event organizers usually need to know about the upcoming presentation and things that Elina will need to give it.

Which title should you put on the event's information leaflet for Elina?

In short: Futurist

A little longer: Futurist, Dr.Sc, M.Sc. 

If there's more space: Futurist, Doctor of Business Administration,  M.Sc. in chemical engineering, a PhD student at the National Defence College.

And some more...

Futurist Elina Hiltunen is a Doctor of Business Administration and M.Sc. in chemical engineering. She is currently working on her second doctoral thesis at the National Defence University. Hiltunen is an entrepreneur, speaker, columnist and author of 14 books. Forbes magazine has listed her among the world's 50 leading female futurists.

Elina's long CV can be found here

You can also choose the best bits from the previous ones.


On this page you will find photos of Elina. You are free to use the photos, for example in the invitation letters for your event.

You can also take photos of Elina giving lectures and share them on social media, for example.

Technical specifications for the lecture

Elina likes to use the Canva tool in her presentations. Here is a link to the wishes Elina has for the technical implementation of the presentation. The link is also a Canva presentation and is an example of how Canva works.

Questions at lectures

At events, Elina is happy to take questions about her lecture, but only after the lecture (so as not to ruin the lecture schedule).

Recording lectures

If necessary, Elina's live/webinar lectures can be recorded and shared internally, for example, intranet or online with a password. However, lecture recordings should never be uploaded online so that they are publicly viewable by everyone. A lecture recording may be viewed in the intranet or behind a password for 2 weeks, after which the recording must be deleted and removed.


If the media wants to interview Elina at your event, that's fine. However, it is advisable to let us know in advance so that there is room in the schedule for interviews.

Travel expenses

In addition to the lecture fee, Elina always charges travel expenses including hotel accomodation, flights, taxis (if necessary), public transport etc. (often starting from Espoo, Finland)


NOTE: This section does not apply to lectures booked through MySpeaker or Speakersforum.

Please email your billing address to Elina, preferably before the event or as soon as possible after the event. Elina will send the invoice via her company, What's Next Consulting Oy, as an e-invoice. Please include a reference and the contact person whose name will be on the invoice so that the invoice can be easily found.

The invoice is usually payable within 2 weeks, but it is advisable to let us know in advance if the client wishes a longer payment period.

The information Elina needs for the presentation. 

Please send this information to Elina well in advance:

  • Name, subject and date of the event
  • Venue place address or if the event is a webinar, web link
  • Contact person for the event
  • The exact time of Elina's presentation and whether the presentation includes time for questions
  • Whether the client's computer or Elina's computer will be used for the presentation
  • Desired topic on which Elina will speak
  • Information if the presentation is desired on a platform other than CANVA as a link
  • Language of the presentation
  • Billing address (in case the invoice is sent directly to the organiser - this does not apply to lectures booked via MySpeaker or Speakersforum)

Corona and other health-related extraordinary situations

During the Corona/other epidemic or pandemic period, the event organizer should be prepared for the possibility that Elina may have to perform remotely if sick.

Elina will always give her presentation if she is not lying in the hospital bed, but if illness occurs, Elina will give the presentation remotely.